#tbt: Car Alarms

Last night I had the true privilege of being awakened from my slumber at 4:05 am to the harmonious honking of a car alarm. This abrasive racket continued, on and off, for an unnecessarily long time, preventing me (and probably every living thing within a three mile radius of the vehicle) from sleeping as well as causing stress, anger, and general discomfort.

As I lay awake listening to the frightful din, I remembered another harrowing experience I had with a car alarm many moons ago. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I will share it with all of you today. 

It all began on brisk fall day at my dear alma mater, Lewis & Clark College. As students at this environment-loving institution were discouraged to have cars on campus, the school provided a car share system where you could reserve either a Ford Focus, a Prius, or – brace yourselves – a Nissan Cube. The Focus and the Prius were all well and good and I frequently used them for off-campus expeditions. However, the Nissan Cube was a whole other ball game. For those lucky enough to have never seen a Nissan Cube, let me enlighten you:

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so I’ll just provide you with ten more: THE NISSAN CUBE IS THE UGLIEST CAR IN THE WORLD. Continue reading