Turn Up Tuesday Two-Fer

Kendrick Lamar – “untitled 02 06.23.2014”

P.O.S. ft. Allan Kingdom, Astronautalis, Eric Mayson, Kathleen Hanna, Hard_R, Lydia Liza, Lizzo, and Nicholas L. Perez – “sleepdrone/superposition”



2015: The Year in Music

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Most reputable publications put out some sort of year-end list relating to music, and this reputable publication is no exception. Below I have chronicled the Best Songs of 2015, the Worst Songs of 2015, and one decidedly Meh Song of 2015, compiled using a very sophisticated algorithm based solely on my personal opinions.

The Best Songs of 2015, in the order I thought of them:

Drake – “Hotline Bling”

I don’t think this one really needs much commentary. Just google “Hotline Bling Memes” and you’ll be entertained for hours. To this day I can’t tell if I like the song because it’s actually a good song or if I just like the humor associated with it. Drake definitely put out better songs musically and lyrically this year (which I’ll get to below), but “Hotline Bling” is my most-listened-to Drake song of 2015 by far.

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Turn Up Tuesday: Best of 2014

Every blog worth its salt does some sort of year-end review, so naturally I have to do one as well. Below, you’ll find my top songs of 2014, but first, the best vine of 2014:

While “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz,” a classic track by the one and only RiFF RAFF didn’t make the cut, there were many musical gems this year. Read on to bask in the glory of 2014 and rest assured this list is 100% free of Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea (even though let’s be real “Fancy” is a catchy song).

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