Free Stuff Friday: Volunteering

It’s been a while since I posted a Free Stuff Friday entry, but last month my Mint account kept sending me angry text messages about going over budget so to celebrate the beginning of Cheapril (the April version of Cheaptober), I bring you: VOLUNTEERING.

No, you don’t have to enter the Hunger Games to be a volunteer, but think about all the free food and travel Katniss got!

How does volunteering get you free stuff? you may ask. Isn’t volunteering just working for free? Aren’t I actually the one giving someone else free stuff? Yes, technically. But volunteer gigs often come with lots of fabulous perk and, because you’re volunteering, you don’t have to feel bad for freeloading.  Continue reading


Free Stuff Friday: Food You Already Bought

I recently cleaned out my freezer, and upon doing so, discovered a wealth of goodies I had no idea were in there. After throwing away some frozen vegetables that were over a year old and discarding a rotisserie chicken carcass (we meant to make broth with it but apparently got too busy…oops), I found a wealth of still-edible foodstuffs that I can’t wait to thaw and enjoy over the coming weeks. It was almost as though I had gone on a hunger-fueled rampage through the frozen foods section at Cub (as I have been known to do), but had paid nothing for it! (While I do understand that these things were not indeed completely free, I have deemed them de facto free since we bought them so long ago and would go to waste otherwise.)

To make sure we remember to enjoy all the food we purchase in the future, I invented a clever system:

IMG_5582I simply wrote a list of everything in our freezer and stuck it on the outside. This way, when I’m wandering the house trying to decide what to eat for my next Breakfast of Champions, I’ll see the list, grab some cookies or perhaps some pulled pork, and be in business! As an added benefit, this handy reminder will help us avoid leaving food in the freezer for an entire year, thereby saving zillions of dollars.

Free Stuff Friday: Sorry 4 the Wait 2

Lil Wayne and Birdman’s recent falling out has been all over the hip-hop news lately: for unknown reasons, Birdman wouldn’t let Lil Wayne release “Tha Carter V,” which made Lil Wayne decide he wanted out of Cash Money and created much conflict between this former inseparable duo.

This tragic separation of Weezy and his father figure has been tough to deal with for many fans, but I am pleased to announce that we can put our sadness on hold: “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” is here. The mixtape is a sequel to “Sorry 4 the Wait,” which was an apology for the delay in releasing “Tha Carter IV.” I’m sensing a pattern here…

Nonetheless, the mixtape features Wayne rapping over some of Turn Down For Clare’s favorite beats, including “Coco,” “No Type,” “Jumpin’ Like Jordan,” and “Tuesday.” While I haven’t given it a complete and critical listen, I’m enjoying it so far and am confident it will be filled with lyrical genius from start to finish.

Download “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” for free here.

Free Stuff Friday: The Library

I have only ever gone Black Friday shopping once, and it was in China so I don’t think it even counts. For me, shopping needs to be as low-stress as possible, so I usually avoid any time when stores are busy. I’ve been known to pick out, try on, and decide to purchase items just to put them back when I see that the line to check out is too long.

This Black Friday is no different – I went to my parents’ house for brunch and plan to sit around for the rest of the day. Aside from paying my internet bill, I don’t anticipate spending any money, so I’ll really be living it up Free Stuff Friday style.

This week, I bring you one of my favorite sources of Free Stuff*: The Library. In the words of our favorite animated aardvark,

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Free Stuff Friday: Whole Foods, where “Smoothie” is a Verb

Whole Foods, or Whole Paycheck as it is known in many circles, is a surprisingly wonderful source of free items. While their food is ridiculously expensive, they provide a plethora of free samples to all who enter the store. This edition of Free Stuff Friday will highlight the key strategies one must employ to make the most of this free food cornucopia and avoid common pitfalls and persistent nut-butter hawkers.

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Free Stuff Friday: Freeloader Friday Blog

This edition of Free Stuff Friday isn’t a direct opportunity to get free stuff; it is a resource to connect you to even more opportunities to discover free stuff.

I present to you City PagesFreeloader Friday blog. Every Friday morning they list free events, parties, shows, and festivals going on in the Twin Cities that weekend. Some of their suggestions – like a show by a band called Teenage Strangler – aren’t really up my alley, but with the wide range of events they include, there’s something for everyone!