Free Stuff Friday: Sorry 4 the Wait 2

Lil Wayne and Birdman’s recent falling out has been all over the hip-hop news lately: for unknown reasons, Birdman wouldn’t let Lil Wayne release “Tha Carter V,” which made Lil Wayne decide he wanted out of Cash Money and created much conflict between this former inseparable duo.

This tragic separation of Weezy and his father figure has been tough to deal with for many fans, but I am pleased to announce that we can put our sadness on hold: “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” is here. The mixtape is a sequel to “Sorry 4 the Wait,” which was an apology for the delay in releasing “Tha Carter IV.” I’m sensing a pattern here…

Nonetheless, the mixtape features Wayne rapping over some of Turn Down For Clare’s favorite beats, including “Coco,” “No Type,” “Jumpin’ Like Jordan,” and “Tuesday.” While I haven’t given it a complete and critical listen, I’m enjoying it so far and am confident it will be filled with lyrical genius from start to finish.

Download “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” for free here.


Free Stuff Friday: Free Mixtapes

In a similar vein as last Friday, I bring you more legal ways to get free music: mixtapes. No, this isn’t a cassette tape that someone from “The Breakfast Club” painstakingly recorded song by song for you with sweet nothings whispered between songs. Mixtapes, in this day and age, are compilations of music often put together by a recording artist to share new music.

Because mixtapes are not “official” releases from record labels and often include remixes, leaks, or mashups, they are free! Sometimes you can even get official versions that just have a short DJ tag at the beginning or end – super easy to ignore when you’re spending no money and not in danger of getting arrested for piracy (yo ho ho)! Most hip hop artists also put out their own official mixtapes periodically just out of the goodness of their hearts. Continue reading