Breakfast (Poutine) of Champions 4/26


Breakfast poutine, coffee

This morning, I created what may have been the greatest homemade breakfast I’ve ever created. Since I had been #blessed the night before with extra fries, I couldn’t wait to continue eating them and the best way to do that was to incorporate them into my breakfast. Drawing inspiration from our neighbors to the north (Canadians), I created a delectable breakfast poutine that simultaneously clogs the arteries while providing the miraculous health benefits of everyone’s favorite superfood (avocado).


Truly delicious and nutritious

 Disclaimer: this “poutine” would not be up to the standards of a poutine purist/real Canadian person. It lacks both the traditional gravy and cheese curds (although I realized after the fact that I did in fact have a plethora of lil squeakers in the fridge). That said, it’s really tasty, easy to make, and you won’t need to take a nap after eating it – the latter being one of the most important characteristics of a truly champion-worthy breakfast.

Here’s how to make your own breakfast poutine:

  • Heat or re-heat french fries, topped with grated cheese or cheese curds, in the toaster oven/oven.
  • While the fries are heating, fry and egg over easy in butter. Make sure the yolk stays raw.
  • Take the fries out of the toaster oven and put the egg on top. Be careful so the yolk doesn’t break (yet).
  • Top with avocado pieces, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and parsley. If your fries are from Culver’s or McDonald’s, you probably won’t need to add salt, but if they are from a less salt-loving establishment you might want to put some salt on too.
  • Drizzle with hot sauce. I used Sriracha but Cholula would also be fabulous on this.
  • Break that yolk (the gravy of breakfast) and dig in.

Egg yolk: the gravy of breakfast

Hamentaschen: they’re not just for Purim!

If you’ve ever celebrated the marvelous Jewish holiday of Purim, you’ve had hamentaschen. Legend tells us that they are either evil Haman’s ear or tri-cornered hat (you choose), and we eat them to celebrate his downfall. This past Purim, which was quite a while ago, I made some hamentaschen to celebrate and made a marvelous discovery: these little gems also make the perfect breakfast food!


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