Best Things I Found This Week

In honor of Black Friday, this national treasure created fake weekly Target ads and hung them up over the real ones in a Target store. Truly brilliant stuff.

via Obvious Plant

This one might officially be from last week, but I forgot to include it. This poor man was given a GoPro for his trip to LA, but instead of filming his trip he filmed a selfie the entire time. I feel like there’s a solid chance he did it all on purpose for the sake of humor, but either way, it’s good stuff.

The Broadway musical “Hamilton” has been gaining popularity and generating much buzz recently. In that spirit, I present to you PerezHamilton, a truly excellent tumblr that parodies both Perez Hilton and the 1770s.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 10.45.25 AM



Free Stuff Friday: The Library

I have only ever gone Black Friday shopping once, and it was in China so I don’t think it even counts. For me, shopping needs to be as low-stress as possible, so I usually avoid any time when stores are busy. I’ve been known to pick out, try on, and decide to purchase items just to put them back when I see that the line to check out is too long.

This Black Friday is no different – I went to my parents’ house for brunch and plan to sit around for the rest of the day. Aside from paying my internet bill, I don’t anticipate spending any money, so I’ll really be living it up Free Stuff Friday style.

This week, I bring you one of my favorite sources of Free Stuff*: The Library. In the words of our favorite animated aardvark,

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