Turn Up Tuesday: Beyonce – “Formation”


Turn Up Tuesday: Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce – “Feeling Myself”

Nicki and Beyonce are back at it with this gem that is a rare equally-good sequel to their “Flawless” remix. Some favorite parts:

  • “Lemme get a number two with some mac sauce.” Nicki and I share the same preferred McDonalds order: #2 with Big Mac sauce on the cheeseburgers. (As a note the numbers apparently vary by state so she may actually be referring to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal that is #2 in New York, but regardless that’s still a pretty solid order and we can bond over both having #2 as our favorite whatever that may be.)
  • “Pretty on fleek”
  • The shoutout to O.T. Genasis (“he in love with the coco”)

Turn Down for Clare’s Travel Tips (in GIF form)

Between visiting family on the East coast a couple times a year, going to and from school on the West coast, and being lucky enough to do a bit of traveling for fun as well, I’ve been a pretty frequent flyer for much of my life. Over the course of my travels, I’ve learned many tricks that both help reduce the stress and obnoxiousness of air travel. Read on for hilarious gifs punctuated by my own expert advice opinions.

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Turn Up Tuesday: Best of 2014

Every blog worth its salt does some sort of year-end review, so naturally I have to do one as well. Below, you’ll find my top songs of 2014, but first, the best vine of 2014:

While “Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz,” a classic track by the one and only RiFF RAFF didn’t make the cut, there were many musical gems this year. Read on to bask in the glory of 2014 and rest assured this list is 100% free of Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea (even though let’s be real “Fancy” is a catchy song).

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