Saint Dinette – Cheeseburger

The #MSPmeatventure continues this weekend with a truly magnificent cheeseburger at Saint Dinette in Lowertown.


The burger itself was simple but elegant. As soon as I began cutting it into thirds, I could tell that the textures were perfect: crunchiness on the inside of the bun, a perfect crust on the outside of each patty, and gooey cheese oozing out.

There were no fussy accessories or condiments – just a simple double party burger with cheddar cheese and pickles on the side. The greatness of this burger comes from the ingredients and how it’s cooked. I’m nearly positive they mixed butter into the ground beef of the patties, making them super juicy, rich, and decadent. The cheddar was melted to perfection and the pickles added a bit of acidity to cut the richness.


The only complaint we had was that the bottom bun got a bit soggy, but with a burger this juicy that’s unavoidable and it really didn’t detract from the burger enough to dock too many points. We all agreed that we would come back to get this burger again and that it would be just as good as a late-night post-bar snack, a #breakfastofchampions, or anything in between.

To accompany our burger, we ordered brussels sprouts and turducken, both quite tasty. None of us had ever had turducken, and we were all thrilled to taste it – although I have a feeling this one was more glamorous than most. They used turkey and chicken breast as well as duck gizzard confit and cooked it first in a sous vide and then deep fried it for good measure (naturally). The delectable slices were served with fried sage, cranberries, and gravy. A perfect pregame for Thanksgiving.

We finished our meal with mini churros and a rich dark chocolate ganache for dipping. The bitterness of the chocolate was the perfect match for the sugar-coated pastries and it was a wonderful way to wrap up our meat extravaganza.

The Rating

Cheeseburger: 80/100

Pros: butter, textures, gooey cheese

Cons: soggy bun bottom, lack of bacon

Saint Dinette is located at 261 East 5th Street in Saint Paul


Victory 44 – “The Perfect Burger”

Today my friends Rachel, Carl and I kicked off a new initiative we call MSP Meatventure. MSP Meatventure involves compiling a master list of all the “Best Burgers in the Twin Cities” lists and then trying most, if not all, of them. We opted to start at Victory 44 in north Minneapolis as, according to their menu, they serve “The Perfect Burger.”

Their burger is pretty classic as far as burgers go: beef patty, american cheese, pickles, bacon and aioli.

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