Best Things I Found This Week

This week was the Week of Yeezy. Kanye was causing a ruckus everywhere. Read on for my favorite Kanye-related things I found on the internet this week and a few other randos for good measure.

After Kanye announced that his new album would be called WAVES rather than SWISH, Father John Misty took to Twitter to sort through his feelings on the matter:

Father John Misty’s entire social media presence is magnificent, and I highly recommend his Instagram.

I couldn’t agree more with Young Thug.

On Wednesday, Kanye went on one of his infamous twitter rants and then took it all down. Yes, it got pretty problematic but it also spawned some great responses:



The real winner of the Kanye vs. Wiz beef, however was Amber Rose (the link is not family-friendly).


Rapper B.o.B. also went on a rant this week regarding his belief that the earth is flat. As if that wasn’t enough, when Neil Degrasse Tyson proved him wrong, he released a diss track about Neil Degrasse Tyson. Seriously, B.o.b.? Neil Degrasse Tyson is arguably the Internet’s favorite person. You can’t make a diss track about him.

Luckily, Neil Degrasse Tyson won by having his nephew, who is apparently a rapper, record a Drake-worthy response:

Yes, Neil Degrasse Tyson did drop the mic so hard it became embedded in our spherical earth’s molten core.


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