Best Things I Found This Week

Happy Friday! Here are the best things I found on the internet this week.

A while back, a small monkey made headlines when he cavorted around an Ikea in Canada wearing a tiny shearling coat. If you’re like me, you often re-watch the magnificent video and ponder what may have happened to this amazing creature. Ponder no more – Vice, America’s best news source (that’s not sarcasm), brings us the story.

via Vice

Well, Kim and Kanye had their second baby and here are the best reactions (and one premonition) surrounding the story:

JUNE 22! I didn’t know Professor Trelawney had a Twitter account…

And finally this magnificent blending of #SaintWest and #PopeBars:

via @FigDrewton


Life-size Elf on the Shelf. You can never un-see this.

via Funny or Die

This turtle is the new Michael Cera close up text:



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