Best Things I Found This Week

To begin:

“Everyone has been doing emails.”

The best thing I found out about this week is DJ Khaled’s snapchat story (@djkhaled305). As a big fan of both snapchat and one of the world’s best producers, I was incredibly stoked to hear he has joined the snapping world and even more stoked to see some of the content he posts. Whether he’s sharing the keys to success (there are more than you could ever imagine), shots of him applying cocoa butter to his rather rotund belly, or videos of his garden and his plants’ names, his story is always pure gold (sometimes literally) and I can’t recommend it enough.

It gets even better than the story itself, however. In true internet fashion, people’s twitter reactions to his story are almost as good as the real thing:

If you’re not a snapchatter yourself, you can also follow DJ Khaled’s Snapchat on twitter for screenshots.


A great new source for all the latest news is Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life. They scour the internet (much like myself) for real news outlets posting headlines that would be more likely found in the Onion.

Apparently there is a market for stock footage of baboons in unlikely circumstances, or at least Getty Images thinks so.

And finally, the goat you never knew about in Harry Potter. (Yes, this is a parody but you know J.K. Rowling has stuff just like this up the sleeve of her wizard robes.)


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