Victory 44 – “The Perfect Burger”

Today my friends Rachel, Carl and I kicked off a new initiative we call MSP Meatventure. MSP Meatventure involves compiling a master list of all the “Best Burgers in the Twin Cities” lists and then trying most, if not all, of them. We opted to start at Victory 44 in north Minneapolis as, according to their menu, they serve “The Perfect Burger.”

Their burger is pretty classic as far as burgers go: beef patty, american cheese, pickles, bacon and aioli.


Overall, it was a great burger, but not necessarily “perfect.” It had all the elements you expect of a perfect burger and it was executed pretty well, but we agreed that we have also all had better burgers (keep in mind that we’re all pretty solid food connoisseurs so we might be biased). The main drawback we noticed was that the cheese wasn’t very melted. Especially when you’re working with something like American cheese, it needs to be gooey and melty and this just wasn’t. The kitchen was pretty busy when we were there, so it may just be the case that they didn’t have time to let the cheese get to a proper level of melty goodness.


The standout on the burger was probably the pickles – not totally sweet and not totally kosher dill, but a great balance of tang and milder cucumber flavor that was excellent paired with the richness of the burger. The patty itself was juicy and had a great crust and the bacon was the perfect texture as well. The fries that accompanied the burger were also very good and they came with a very nice ketchup that had a bit of a smoky BBQ flavor to it.

In the end, we decided that it was a perfectly respectable burger, but we wouldn’t necessarily go out of our ways to go back especially since Victory 44 is pretty far from our respective homes. If I was there anyway, I’d definitely order the Perfect Burger again, but I wouldn’t drive across town specifically to get it.

The Rating

Burger: 40/100 [amended 1/11/16 in light of better burgers]

Pros: pickles, inclusion of bacon, patty

Cons: unmelted cheese, too much bun, far from home

Victory 44 is located at 2203 North 44th Avenue in Minneapolis

Stay tuned as we continue eating our way through all of the best burgers in the Twin Cities (and probably make a few of our own)! #MSPmeatventure


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