The Best Things I Found This Week

Happy Halloweekend! You can watch a continuous stream of “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” here. #cadmiumyellow

A blimp became untethered and wreaked havoc on rural Pennsylvania on Wednesday, inspiring countless amazing memes and tweets and of course its own Twitter handle. Some of my favorites:

In other news, I’m still very much riding on the “Hotline Bling” train because it is still very much amazing.

@deliciouslystella is one of my new favorite Instagrammers but the biggest Instagram news of the week is probably @princestagram.

Other big news this week was the mysterious Zola, an emerging literary voice who is pioneering the use of Twitter as a platform for a truly epic story. I guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat through all 149 tweets.

And in celebration of Halloween, I leave you with my favorite song:


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