The Best Things I Found This Week

I’m known in some circles for my ability to find and share incredible things on the Internet. I’m also a big fan of strengths-based leadership. In that spirit, I am happy to introduce a new feature on Turn Down For Clare, where I will use my #1 strength to compile some of the best things I find online each week. This might also serve as my application to become CEO of Buzzfeed. Enjoy. (The above links are a few of my all-time favorite internet finds; read on for the things I found this week.)

The big news on the Internet this week is Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video featuring a chunky turtleneck sweater and killer dance moves. Like all things Drake does, it is magnificent and lends itself to infinite memes, gifs, and vines. Spin compiled all the best gifs from the video here, and I highly suggest you download all of them for future use as I did.

Quiz of the week: How Kanye West Are You? (I’m “More Drake”)

In which Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter join forces (Kirk is definitely a Hufflepuff). Also, there will be new Gilmore Girls episodes coming to Netflix eventually. #Blessed.

Buzzfeed’s list of book recommendations based on your favorite childhood books.

Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet is back and amazing as always. We ain’t kiddin, mac!


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