Turn Up Tuesday: Meek Mill – “Lord Knows”

During my first year out of college I had the joy of working in a middle school, which naturally led to a long list of hilarious quotes from 12 year olds. One of my favorite quotes was when a student asked me, “Miss Eisenberg, is Meek Mill ‘luminati?”

At the time, my response was something like “Well, he’s got potential but I don’t think he’s there quite yet.”

However upon first listen, I think everyone’s favorite professional money getta has made much progress on the journey toward illuminati since then. Drake beef or nah, Dreams Worth More Than Money is incredibly solid. “Lord Knows,” the first track, opens the album with a bang and plenty of classical music sampling (furthering the illuminati hypothesis).

Other highlights from the album: “Classic,” produced by Bangladesh, the now-infamous “R.I.C.O” ft. Drake, and air-horn-blasting “Check.”


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