Little-Known Facts About Nick Carter

If you’re like me, your true love and future husband from ages 7-13 was Nick Carter. Today after listening to the Backstreet Boys’ self-titled album in its entirety, I decided to do a bit of “Where Are They Now?” research on the Backstreet Boys.

I’ve also been itching to start a series of Little-Known Facts lists for various celebrities, so what better time to start than today with dear old Nick Carter? Read on for thrilling fun facts about America’s favorite middle-parted 90’s teen heartthrob.

  1. His middle name is Gene. Gene is also his father’s middle name.
  2. He has many siblings: BJ, Leslie, Angel, and the infamous Aaron
  3. He appeared in the movie “Edward Scissorhands” and played a kid on a slip-n-slide. Points to anyone who sends me a screenshot!
  4. Nick was (is?) the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys. He was just 12 when the band formed.
  5. He released a solo album in 2002 that went gold in the U.S. and Canada. Who knew?
  6. In 2006, he starred in the 8-episode reality show “House of Carters” which from the few moments I watched, was just the Carter siblings snuggling and crying together. 
  7. He married Lauren Kitt on April 12, 2014.
  8. He didn’t attend his sister Leslie’s funeral because of a family feud.
  9. Nick has struggled with drug and alcohol addictions but is now sober. He credits the “big brother” of the Backstreet Boys, Kevin Richardson, with helping him turn his life around.
  10. He is United Nations Special Ambassador for the Year of the Dolphin. In this role, he advocates for dolphins.

I'm loving this dew.

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