Smoothies for Lazy People

I always buy bananas with the idea of making tons of smoothies, but then I forget about them and they go bad. I also sometimes want a smoothie but I don’t feel like prepping all the fruit. To fight this, I created Turn Down for Clare’s Pre-Made Smoothie System™.*


  1. Buy a bunch of frozen fruit. Interestingly enough the Dollar Store sells frozen fruit for a dollar which is the best deal on frozen fruit anyone has ever experienced. If you’re not buying your frozen fruit from the Dollar Store you’re doing it wrong.
  2. Buy bananas and other fresh fruit you want in your smoothies.
  3. Cut up any of the fruit that isn’t already in blendable pieces.
  4. Distribute your fruit into plastic bags and leave them in the freezer until you want a smoothie.
  5. Add fruit juice/yogurt/greens/protein powder/other accoutrements and blend!

Turn Down for Clare’s Pre-Made Smoothie System™ allows you to have quick and easy smoothies any time you want! For an added good time, check out Blendtec’s Will It Blend? video series. 

*I don’t know how to actually go about getting a trademark so the ™ is just there for aesthetic purposes.


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