Free Stuff Friday: Food You Already Bought

I recently cleaned out my freezer, and upon doing so, discovered a wealth of goodies I had no idea were in there. After throwing away some frozen vegetables that were over a year old and discarding a rotisserie chicken carcass (we meant to make broth with it but apparently got too busy…oops), I found a wealth of still-edible foodstuffs that I can’t wait to thaw and enjoy over the coming weeks. It was almost as though I had gone on a hunger-fueled rampage through the frozen foods section at Cub (as I have been known to do), but had paid nothing for it! (While I do understand that these things were not indeed completely free, I have deemed them de facto free since we bought them so long ago and would go to waste otherwise.)

To make sure we remember to enjoy all the food we purchase in the future, I invented a clever system:

IMG_5582I simply wrote a list of everything in our freezer and stuck it on the outside. This way, when I’m wandering the house trying to decide what to eat for my next Breakfast of Champions, I’ll see the list, grab some cookies or perhaps some pulled pork, and be in business! As an added benefit, this handy reminder will help us avoid leaving food in the freezer for an entire year, thereby saving zillions of dollars.


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