Minnesota Street Style: Holiday Apparel

IMG_5493 My dear friends Brenna and Jennica are some of the most creative fashionistas I know, so you know that when they dress up for a tacky-themed holiday party they won’t disappoint. Some of you may recognize Brenna from an earlier incarnation of Minnesota Street Style where she was rocking an ultimate frisbee uniform with suede booties. She continues to impress me with her fearless fashion in this holiday ensemble, featuring a child’s size holiday sweater, smart wool socks, and men’s Hanes grey sweatpants. (For those of you who have never worn men’s Hanes sweatpants, they’re about $5 from Target and one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.) Everyone knows that the best outfit you can choose is one that includes sweatpants, and Brenna ***flawlessly blends comfort and party wear in this festive pairing.



Brenna’s sister, Jennica, ups the ante here with a ruffled purple dress, multicolor print leggings, moccasins, and a matching neck accessory that is the lovechild of a tie, ascot, and present bow. It takes a pro to mix prints like these, and as a professional artist and all-around creative person, Jennica succeeds with flying colors (literally).

Jennica and Brenna represent, to me, the epitome of Minnesota Street Style: comfort is key, but mixing in unexpected flourishes is what makes the ensemble special.


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