Clouds by Clare Meets Breakfast of Champions

IMG_5323Given my love of both clouds and breakfast, I suppose it was inevitable that the two would collide sooner or later. After my dear roommate and friend Carl gave me a cloud-shaped cookie cutter for Christmas/Hanukkah, I decided to make us a delectable breakfast of cloud-shaped blueberry pancakes. (I also threw in some Minnesota-shaped pancakes for good measure.)

If you know me, you know that I’m quite a pancake chef. During one summer, I made pancakes for any friends who wanted to come over every Saturday. These varied from classic buttermilk to chocolate chip, red velvet, and rainbow. If you’ve heard of a type of pancakes, chances are I’ve made it. In fact, Pancakes is also a nickname of mine and 1/2 of the food blog my college roommate Megan and I wrote. However, despite my endeavors deep into the field of pancakes, this was actually my first time making cumulonimbus-shaped pancakes!

IMG_5326My first attempt at the cumulonimbus shape was a bit of a disaster: I poured too much batter into the cookie cutter, resulting in a raw inside and overcooked bottom. Genius that I am, I realized that since cookie cutters don’t allow for the natural spreading out of pancake batter, I had to reduce the amount of batter I poured out. I adjusted my system and victory was mine!

Upon pouring about half as much batter into the shapes, I made some marvelous clouds and Minnesotas for our dining pleasure. We topped our pancakes with a pomegranate-blueberry-apple chutney that Carl made. Cloudtastic!


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