Beer Review: Full Sail Wassail

Full Sail is my second-favorite nautical brewery.* Located in Hood River, Oregon, I first learned of their wondrous beer creations when I lived in Portland. Although I was initially just drawn to the beer for its nautical charm, after tasting a few of their brews I was hooked. Their IPA is particularly lovely, but today’s post is in celebration of their holiday beer, Wassail.

IMG_5269Only sold for 90 days each winter, Wassail is like the less-available, Christmasy, and slightly fancier Summer Shandy. I’m not sure if it is the limited availability that makes it so yummy or if it’s actually that good, but either way it’s a great brew.

The flavor is slightly caramel-y which I believe is what makes it Christmasy. Despite my attendance on various educational brewery tours, I still have very little knowledge about beers and thus cannot comment further on this beer other than to say it’s tasty and maybe a little hoppy?

I recommend enjoying your Wassail with some christmas cookies in front of a roaring fire. Or, if you don’t have a fireplace, this will suffice.

*Second to Anchor Steam Brewing


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