Salted Caramel Nuts

Carl and I sometimes forget to use our food. As a result of that, we found ourselves with two 1/3 full bags of brown sugar that had gotten dry and lumpy. Not super appetizing or bake-able. However, being the brilliant homemaker that I am, I devised an idea to use up the brown sugar while creating a delicious snack for ourselves and our friends: candied nuts!

We more-or-less followed Dear Ina’s recipe for Salted Caramel Nuts, but instead of using regular sugar we used our dried out brown sugar. In addition, instead of using fleur de sel as a sprinkle atop the nuts, we used regular Morton Iodized Salt, since we don’t know exactly what fleur de sel is and it sounds expensive. As Ina would most certainly say, “If you can’t find organic fleur de sel from a specialty dealer, store-bought salt is fine.”  Our recipe alternations worked just fine, except that it was difficult to tell if it had caramelized since the sugar was already brown. To test it, I stuck my finger in it to take a taste. This turned out to be a bad idea since the caramel was zoiling hot. To get the caramel off my finger, I licked it, which was another bad idea. Despite the injuries I sustained, the nuts turned out to be delicious and addicting – a wonderful gift for friends or to have as a snack with wintery drinks!


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