Cookie Day

IMG_5290Every year, the aunts and cousins in my mom’s family get together to make Christmas cookies on one of my favorite and aptly named holidays: Cookie Day. Over the course of a day, we make batches upon batches of cookies. By the end of the day, hundreds of cookies lay in wait for us to sort among families and take home to feast upon for the next month or so. Last Saturday’s Cookie Day was no exception: we made approximately 15 types of cookies which will certainly show up in future Breakfast of Champions posts.

One of my cousins recently purchased a circa 1953 astronaut cookie cutter. While generally fantastic, the intricacy of the cookie cutter occasionally makes it difficult to get a perfectly formed astronaut each time. Behold, some of the “outtakes:”



Astronaut in heart, Michelin astronauts, horror movie face astronaut, and my favorite…


…Cerberus/Fluffy astronaut.

IMG_5304 IMG_5309

This year, I also attempted to create my own take on “Target Cookies,” those deliciously dry/cakey/powdery/chemical-tasting wonders sold at chain grocery and department stores nationwide. While my cookies were not as delicious in a disgusting way, they were certainly more delicious in a delicious way. Success!


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