Free Stuff Friday: The Library

I have only ever gone Black Friday shopping once, and it was in China so I don’t think it even counts. For me, shopping needs to be as low-stress as possible, so I usually avoid any time when stores are busy. I’ve been known to pick out, try on, and decide to purchase items just to put them back when I see that the line to check out is too long.

This Black Friday is no different – I went to my parents’ house for brunch and plan to sit around for the rest of the day. Aside from paying my internet bill, I don’t anticipate spending any money, so I’ll really be living it up Free Stuff Friday style.

This week, I bring you one of my favorite sources of Free Stuff*: The Library. In the words of our favorite animated aardvark,

In addition to being able to check out free books from the library, you can also get movies, audiobooks, magazines, and music CDs. The music CDs are perhaps the best-kept secret of the library. It’s perfectly legal (I believe) to make copies of library materials for your own personal use. For example, you can photocopy a recipe from a cookbook you checked out, as long as you’re not going to go around selling that photocopy. The same principle holds true for CDs! This means that instead of downloading potentially virus-laden torrents of music, you can just check out a CD from the library, load it onto your computer, and return the CD. For free!

But what if the library doesn’t have the CD I want? you may wonder. Interestingly enough, you can request things from the library and they’ll deliver it to whichever branch you prefer. That’s all well and good, but the library doesn’t have the CDs I want, they just have classical music, you may be thinking. Wrong! The library has everything, from world-renowned crunk juice connoisseur Lil Jon to world-renowned classical pianist Lang Lang. Check it out (pun very much intended.)


*DISCLAIMER:  The library is not free if you forget to return your things and have to pay a $30 fine. Sign up for email alerts to tell you when your items will be due!!!


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