Free Stuff Friday: Sephora

Welcome to a new segment on my blog: Free Stuff Friday. Every Friday, I’ll highlight opportunities to get free things across the Twin Cities.

I recently visited Southdale Mall with a good friend of mine who I also work with and thus who makes as little money as I do. We were at the mall to purchase some “work-appropriate” clothing, aka clothing that we can wear to work in addition to every other aspect of our lives. “Work-appropriate” is just the way to justify clothing purchases when you’re on a budget.

After picking up some lovely $10 H&M jeans, we sauntered over to Sephora to browse a bit.

Sephora is a freeloader’s paradise. You can get samples of basically any product as long as you pretend to be mildly interested in buying it someday – just ask one of the salespeople for a sample and they’ll hook you up. You can also use the tester of every product in the store. Are your hands feeling a bit dry? Try some L’Occitane $32 hand cream for free! Forget to put on perfume that morning? No problem, it’s highly likely that you can spritz your favorite eau de toilette on right in the store for free. (Insider tip: wear a scarf or coat to Sephora, spritz that item, and voila! Free perfume every time you wear it until you wash it. Or just never wash it and free perfume for life!) Sephora is essentially your bathroom/vanity table away from home, and it is in your best interest to treat it as such.

If you do decide to make a purchase (don’t, you can get it all for cheaper on or at Walgreens), be sure to sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider club because you can get a free gift on your birthday and extra free samples. You also get a free sample with every purchase, Beauty Insider or not. Sephora is truly a magnificent place.


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