Minnesota Street Style: Ultimate Fashion

One thing the anthropologist in me has learned from looking at a plethora of so-called “lifestyle” blogs is that they almost always include some form of fashion commentary. Some bloggers do an #OOTD, or Outfit Of The Day; some bloggers document randos on the street who, for some strange reason, have gotten all dolled up just to walk to the grocery store or whatever. To put my own spin on fashion blogging, I have elected to document what I call “Minnesota Street Style,” which is another name for “Taking Pictures of People Wearing Interesting, Funny, or Cool Outfits.”

For my inaugural Minnesota Street Style post, I bring you my stunningly beautiful friend Brenna and her pre-Ultimate Frisbee game apparel. Ultimate Frisbee pre-game apparel really varies: some sports teams wear matching warm-ups; some sports teams wear their own sweatpants; some teams (or so I’ve heard) wear plaid flannel. Brenna shows up in her frisbee uniform and ruffled suede booties. True Minnesota Street Style at its finest.



One thought on “Minnesota Street Style: Ultimate Fashion

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